The Commencement to Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding is on!

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were shot touching base in Jodhpur, India, on Thursday in front of their sumptuous double wedding functions. The couple strolled affectionately intertwined as they left the air terminal together.

Scratch’s sibling, Joe Jonas, and his life partner Sophie Turner additionally ventured out to the Indian city with the couple. The artist’s oldest sibling Kevin Jonas landed with his significant other Danielle.

Scratch and Chopra will trade promises in two functions throughout the end of the week. To commend both of their societies, the 26-year-old performer and 36-year-old on-screen character will have both a Western and an Indian wedding, PEOPLE has learned.

“It is super vital to Priyanka to have an Indian function that respects her legacy and culture, similarly as it’s imperative to likewise have a Western service that praises Nick’s Christian childhood,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They are doing both.”

Scratch flew from the U.S. to Delhi, India, on Nov. 22 to go through Thanksgiving with his lady of the hour to be. “Welcome home child… ,” the on-screen character subtitled an Instagram image of the two snuggled up.

On Wednesday, the drawing in the team was spotted going to a puja function (a petition custom frequently performed to profoundly praise an occasion) at Chopra’s home in Mumbai.

Chopra and Nick got occupied with July, after the vocalist shut down Tiffany’s store to purchase a wedding band, as indicated by an insider, who told PEOPLE, “They are so cheerful.”

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

The two at that point met at the Vanity Fair Oscars party when he got down on one knee before a group. “What’s more, I put my beverage down, get on one knee—this is before a group of individuals—and I say, ‘You’re genuine. Where have you been for my entire life?’ Like, boisterous.”

She at that point welcomed him to her home where her mother was sitting in front of the TV in her night outfit. “We hung out for a few hours… congratulated before he cleared out,” she said. “There was no kiss. There was nothing,” he affirmed.

“There was a back pat,” she said. “She’s as yet disturbed about that,” he answered. “Your mother was in the house! I thought it was an aware first night,” he included. “It was excessively deferential in the event that you ask me,” Priyanka answered.

Scratch’s sibling Joe said that he and his life partner Sophie Turner snickered at him perceiving how stricken he was with her. “He’s perched on the floor. Also, Sophie and I were simply snickering at him. We’re similar to, take a gander at this little stricken, alcoholic child at the present time.”

On their third date, Nick realized he needed to wed Priyanka and called up his mother to give her the news. He proposed to her in Greece with a Tiffany ring he had obtained seven days back. “I got down on one knee, once more, and I stated: Will you make me the most joyful man on the planet and wed me? No joke—she took around 45 seconds. Forty-five seconds of quiet.” When she didn’t state anything, Nick advised her, “I will put this ring on your finger now except if you have any protests.”

The two at that point made the relationship official with a roka in Mumbai in August and are required to get married in Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace on December 2. There will be two services, a Hindu one and a Christian one—which will be administered by Nick’s dad—in two separate parts of the castle. Scratch will land on a steed for the Hindu wedding and has said he can hardly wait for it.

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