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Satellite Internet Services in Algeria


Algeria – The Telecoms, Satellite Operators, Broadband, and Mobile- The Statistics and Analyses

The report gets to cover Algeria’s fixed line and satellite services of the telecom market, including the developments in terms of the infrastructure as well as the government efforts to extend the services nationally. This report reviews fixed broadband subscriber forecasts. Also, the report covers mobile sector, and this includes the analyses on the operator strategies and the recent spectrum licensing and profiles of major players, the assessment of the operating and the financial performance as well as subscriber forecasts.

Although the Algeria fixed line of the penetration has been able to enjoy a steady decline for the number of the years, of the government, funded, have been continuing to ensure that the fixed line infrastructure getting extended to the underserved regions. The project has accounted for around 500 remaining communities, creates part of the universal service telecommunication program. This country relative developed infrastructure does include the national fiber backbone that was augmented with the new subsea link to Valencia in the year 2017 April. Algeria has become part of 4500 kilometers terrestrial, the Trans-Saharan backbone network that is going to connect national network with the other fiber networks in this region.

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