Nokia Addresses Security Threats Looming in Telecom Networks

By launching a security Risk Index assessment service and Managed Security Service, Nokia has determined to deal with the protection threats that are increasing in Telecom Networks. These 2 services kind a holistic and distinctive approach to deal with the protection challenges, mobile, and stuck networks. except addressing their security desires Nokia operators will white label the Managed Security Service to Enterprises and enjoy the revenue.

Thus the increasing regulative pressure additionally because the quality of the network that carries the sensitive knowledge from the internet of Things, social applications, personal devices, and business applications have resulted within the increasing demand for knowledge security for operators. thus Nokia has determined to require a singular integrated approach that starts from accessing the protection risk of operators across varied security domains, provides 360-degree gap analysis, and benchmarks against business peers.

After the assessment of managed service that is steam-powered by Nokia internet guard software system can complete the holistic approach. With their own networks secured, operators will persist to supply managed Security Services to Enterprise customers. when partnering with Nokia operators will simply implement a security portfolio for gap a replacement Revenue supply and this can end in improved client loyalty.

Nokia Addresses Security Threats Looming in Telecom Networks

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