Man with quick-time period reminiscence loss uses notebooks to assist him consider

Chen Hong-Zhi’s notebooks are his lifestyles.

Nine years in the past, Chen severely broke his hippocampus, a part of the brain related to forming recollections, in a visitors accident.

The 26-yr-vintage has misplaced the capability to make and maintain brief-term reminiscences. as an alternative, he painstakingly facts his days in coated notebooks, crammed with entries in blue ink.

“I exploit the pocketbook to do not forget who I helped these days, how lots farm paintings I did, whether there was rain … the notebook is my reminiscence,” stated Chen, who lives with his stepmother, wang Miao-Cyong, 65, in a remote village in Hsinchu county, northwestern Taiwan.

“I once lost one of my notebooks. I was so sad that I was crying and asked my dad to help me find it.”

In view that his father died 4 years in the past, Chen and his stepmother have lived on a government incapacity allowance and a small profits they get from farming fruit and vegetables, which they barter with associates, a number of whom name Chen “notebook boy.”

is it Alzheimer’s or simply age-associated reminiscence loss?

Calgary woman significantly injured in ski crash tells the tale of recuperation with the assist of tune dr lin Ming-Teng, head of the psychiatry branch at Taipei veterans trendy clinic, stated Chen has made tremendous progress no matter his giant mind damage.

“From the x-ray, we will see a large a part of his mind in black – these are the sections that had been operated on after the site visitors twist of fate,” Lin said.

“After losing this sort of giant part of his brain, it’s far quite incredible for him to acquire what he’s doing now,” lin stated, including that Chen may want to simplest do not forget matters he had completed within the remaining five to ten mins.

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Lin stated the harm had additionally affected Chen’s capacity to get hold of and method facts.

“This has an impact on his courting along with his mother, too, as every now and then his mother cannot recover from the reality that he forgets matters,” lin stated.

Wang longs to go return to her fatherland in Indonesia, however, she feels she can not go away Chen alone.

“If I leave, who will take care of my son? I can’t imagine his future after I die.”

For now, Chen’s notebooks permit him to keep some semblance of order in his existence.

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“October 26 go to being by myself, Chen extended family organization, go find a cell phone, cross catholic church, Citian temple, 10:38 zzz,” reads one poignant note approximately an afternoon he spent trying to find, and praying to locate, his lost cellular phone.

Ten days later, he observed his cellphone, documenting the find in his pocketbook, of the path.

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