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Internet in India – The Statistics and Analyses


Internet in India – The Statistics and Analyses

India’s fixed broadband market has continued to remain highly underdeveloped as a result of the dominance of the mobile platform and in turn by uptake of the mobile broadband. The fixed broadband penetration has been expected to grow at a very moderate rate over the next five years to the year 2022 from a small base.

The digital economy is going to help the county in being able to align goals of expanding wider Indian economy and enhancing the jobs. Sectors such as the communications that include IT services, e-commerce, telecoms, FinTech as well as the electronics manufacturing have been growing at a good pace. In the year 2017, India became fastest developing e-commerce market worldwide however India is going to take over 10 years to be able to reach the level of the United States as well as China markets in the online retail.

There have been several trends in Indian online education segment which have been contributing to growth opportunities ahead. Such include the continuous need for the working professionals to be able to learn some new skills and emergence of the technologies such as the big data as well as the artificial which have been enabling the online education vendors to be able to design the customized content. Video is going to remain the main driver for online content consumption. Increased uptake of the VOD and catch up TV, the short format as well as the original local video content along with the high 4G data speeds which will drive the mobile data consumption.

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