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Heat movement about the globe changing because of climate change


Climate change is influencing the heat moves around across the globe, a new study has shown.

The movement of heat around the world is an important part of our overall climate and the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans play important roles in this activity. However, a new player has joined this activity in the form of climate change.

Scientists say that the greenhouse effect and carbon dioxide aren’t the only issues to consider as the planet grows warmer because they are just one part of the equation. Climate change is also changing the heat moving around the world and this could have also significant effects on temperatures around the world, scientists say. Scientists analyzed model simulations to illustrate how heat is expected to be transferred by the oceans and atmosphere in the near future. The researchers compared the models with historical temperature data from the oceans themselves to paint a clearer picture of how climate change is shifting and will continue to shift these patterns in this century. Their study appears online today (Jan. 28, 2019) in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Without heat transfer, the world’s hottest spots would be sizzling and the coolest spots would be even more frigid. Conditions in both hot and cold climates are affected by the movement of heat from the equator toward the poles in the atmosphere and oceans, one of the scientists said.

As scientists look for a better understanding of all the factors contributing to climate change – and for ways to ameliorate the problem – these heat-transfer patterns are important to watch, He said.

This is the first study to examine current changes in heat transfer and to conclude that warming temperatures are driving increased heat transfer in the atmosphere, which is compensated by a reduced heat transfer in the ocean. Additionally, the researchers concluded that the excess oceanic heat is trapped in the Southern Ocean around the Antarctic.

For now, that heat is not re-entering the atmosphere, but at some point, it may. If that were to happen, changes in heat transfer could contribute to significant shifts in normal temperatures worldwide, he said.