Dwayne Johnson endearingly permits girl to color His Face: ‘This is that the Stuff I really Love’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can do something for his girls!

On Wednesday, the Rampage star, 46, shared a sweet ikon of himself lease his girl bush, 2, paint his face.

“Me: ‘Baby come back here and provides pater a kiss, he’s gotta head to work,” Johnson captioned the ikon, that shows him sitting with patience as bush decorates his face with inexperienced, yellow and purple paint.

“Jazzy: ‘But pater I’ve got to color your toes,’” Johnson continued reenacting the speech communication. “Me: ‘Nope, daddy’s got his shoes on and gotta head to work, currently come back provide American state a kiss.’”

“Jazzy: ‘Ok, then let American state paint your face, daddy.’ Me: *confidentially laughs* completely not, currently I gotta head to work, currently pass through here and kiss American state.’”

“Jazzy: *while wanting up at American state along with her mama @laurenhashianofficial’s intoxicating blue eyes… ‘BUT pater, I want to color your face for work,’” Johnson continued in regard to his old girlfriend Lauren Hashian.

The former battler went on to reveal that he eventually obligated and let his girl use his face as her own personal canvas.

“Me: ‘Ok, however, ensure you decide on manly colors that are ingratiatory to my complexion. the maximum amount as I tell her no, with my crazy busy life, this is often the things I really love,” The Rock complete the post adding a red heart emoji and #ohana.

Of course, this isn’t the primary time very little bush has used her beauty skills on her known father.

In Sep Johnson shared a photograph of himself obtaining his nails done by the lovable shaver.

In the Instagram caption, Johnson explained however it all went down, revealing that he couldn’t say no to his female child (whom he calls “Jazzy”) once she offered as he tried to mention goodbye before visiting work.

“‘Daddy you wish your nails painted,’” Johnson recalled bush demand. “‘No pater you actually want your nails painted.’”

All and every one, Johnson was proud of the tip product. He knew as the full factor “#PapaBearPriorities,” telling his fans, “#NoRemoverNeeded.”

The Rock additionally and Hashian also are folks to 7-month-old Tiana GIA. Johnson is additionally father to Simone Alexandra, 17, from a previous relationship.

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