Cubs of Tigress Avni, shot for killing thirteen, spotted

Days when T1 was shot dead on All Souls’ Day, her cubs were seen when a spot of fourteen days by watching groups within the wee hours of Thursday at Vihirgaon. They were later noticed close to the Anji dam.

Like T1 was lured by tigress’ weewee and clothes designer fragrance in Boris for capture, the 2 elusive cubs were lured by enjoying a voice recorder of a Panthera tigris vocation her cubs. These calls were originally recorded a year back from a forest space open for commercial enterprise. The technique worked wonders.

Sources aforesaid the voice recorder with the transportable speaker was activated at each 2 metric linear unit close to the Vihirgaon dam by a team-led by watching the team from Nagpur. the primary watching of cubs from around 300m was at one.30am. The team saw 2 evident eyes within the dark and suspected it to be of 1 of the cubs.

A team from Akola watching the cubs saw the cubs at 2 am from 150m close to the identical spot. The groups were joyful once each the cubs were caught on camera close to Anji dam at seven.41am.

“The cubs look healthy and traveled seven.5km to Anji from Vihirgaon throughout the night, that is astonishing,” officers aforesaid.

Additional principal chief conservator of forests (APCCF) for life Sunil Limaye confirmed each the cubs were seeing close to Vihirgaon and conjointly caught on camera.

In Pimpri-Chinchwad, forest minister Sudhir Mungantiwar too confirmed recognizing of 2 T1 cubs whereas speech mediapersons when inaugurating HortiPro 2018 in Pimpri on Thursday. Mungantiwar aforesaid the forest department can take applicable action in their regard.

Five days past, even chief life law officer Alaska Misra had confirmed the path of pugmarks of cubs close to Vihirgaon, however, there was no watching.

Officials, World Health Organization were a part of the operation, aforesaid the cubs on the road the mother’s path appears didn’t consume meat place by the department to lure them, however, it’s potential they have to have killed any tiny animal to feed themselves.

According to Misra, post-capture, the 2 cubs are shifted to an enormous enclosure in Pench Tiger Reserve, geographic area, wherever they’ll be trained to hunt and later free back within the wild.

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